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March 23, 2021 Stem Cell Therapy

Do you know how many joints are in your body? Chances are you only know the joints that give you pain or fatigue. The human body has over 200 joints and many patients over the age of 55 experience joint pain in 4 to 8 isolated locations of their body. As the cells that surround the joints and tendons break down due to age and environmental factors, pain and range of  movement are affected. Regenerative medicine targets joints and tendons on a cellular level to repair, restore and renew the supporting cells and tissues that allow these joints and tendons to work properly.

Knees, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, shoulders and ankles are widely affected by the years of athletic performance, environmental factors and daily use of our joints and tendons.

Our bodies break down starts on a cellular level, that is why the treatment course should start on a cellular level. Instead of treating the symptoms we treat the root of the cause which is the breakdown of the supporting tissues that are needed for full range of movement and a pain-free lifestyle.

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(Patient: Male, 20 year career professional Soccer athlete & National Trainer. Injury: ACL tear. Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy Injections.)


Researchers have investigated Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) in COVID-19 treatment to repair lung damage associated with COVID-19. Currently, there are no treatment options for COVID-19 related lung damage. Severely damaged lungs may require replacement through a transplant. In other cases, damage may heal slowly over time, although some damage may be permanent.

However, stem cell therapy is a promising option that may be able to not only heal damage but to regenerate lung tissue. Many stem cell trials are currently underway involving COVID-19 patients to determine the efficacy and value of this treatment.

COVID-19 may cause your immune system to overreact and over-release cytokines. Unable to stop, the resulting cytokine storm may cause damaging fluid to enter your lungs and harm or stop your breathing. It’s theorized that immunomodulatory MSCs may be able to normalize immune system function, quell the cytokine storm that affects the lungs, and help heal the damage caused.

MSCs may help fight inflammation, such as lowering the amount of the inflammation marker C-reactive protein and raising the levels of anti-inflammatory protein IL-10. Additional benefits of MSCs may include preventing pulmonary fibrosis and guarding alveolar epithelial cells.

Mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cord tissue could help treat ARDS in COVID-19 patients, according to results of a Phase I/IIa clinical trial published by University of Miami researchers.

The trial’s primary purpose was safety, and while both the treatment and control groups received the best standard of care, there were no differences reported in serious adverse events between the group receiving infusions with 100 million umbilical cord MSCs and the group receiving a vehicle, and no adverse events observed related to infusion. The safety findings are in line with a Phase I study led by Chinese researchers from the National Clinical Research Center for Infectious Diseases, which showed higher and more frequent infusions of umbilical cord-derived MSCs to be safe in moderate to severe COVID-19 patients with pulmonary distress.



ReYOUvenation – The Science of a Better You, Naturally.

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Stem cells combined with anti-aging genes can potentially absorb and slow down the process of aging resulting in a healthier, better version of yourself. The introduction of “youthful” stem cells into the human body can rejuvenate existing cells and allow the body to age more gracefully & even reverse some effects of the aging process such as wrinkles, inflammation and overall vitality.

Expensive beauty creams and cosmetic treatments promise only temporary or superficial solutions to problems related to aging. Most of them work by masking the processes of aging on the surface level, but never work where the aging really happens.

“Latest research in regenerative science shows evidence that aging actually takes place on the cellular level. Therefore, this is where the process of aging needs to be altered,” says Dr. Jeffrey Baker of Optimized Health Miami.

Many environmental factors accelerate aging, such as stress, pollution, lifestyle, injuries, disease, and exposure to toxins. The science of a Better You, starts with the process of extracting your own stem cells and then injecting them with intention which, can upgrade your biology in science fiction-esque ways. Stem cell therapy curbs aging by keeping your skin collagen and elastin-rich and can even makes your joints stronger and more pliable. Dr. Jeffrey Baker, Medical Director of Optimized Health located in Miami Beach, Florida specializes in stem cell rejuvenation to combat the effects of the natural aging process aesthetically as well as osteopathic conditions such as, injuries and osteoarthritis.

Using a gentle and painless technique, Dr. Baker uses a FDA approved method and protocol for harvesting and isolating youthful stem cells and reinjecting the patients via a expert injection technique with the platelet rich cells and growth factors that rejuvenate aesthetic appearance, restore loss or collagen and joint supporting tissue, enhance immunities, reduce inflammation, boost energy and libido along with increasing overall vitality and longevity.

Aging cells can contribute to disease. Thus, if cell aging can be prevented, slowed down, or even reversed, many diseases could be better managed. Stem cells have the ability to slow this process down & combat certain age- related conditions. Dr. Baker has dedicated his medical career to educating and treating patients using the science of regenerative medicine.

Without downtime, the risks of surgery or using superficial fillers and topical creams – stem cell therapy has countless benefits to treating the symptoms and disease on a cellular level to restore and repair from within using your own derived stem cells. Schedule a complimentary consultation today with Dr. Jeffrey Baker to learn more about the benefits of stem cell therapy.

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