Stay in the Game & Out of Surgery with Stem Cell Therapy

March 23, 2021

Do you know how many joints are in your body? Chances are you only know the joints that give you pain or fatigue. The human body has over 200 joints and many patients over the age of 55 experience joint pain in 4 to 8 isolated locations of their body. As the cells that surround the joints and tendons break down due to age and environmental factors, pain and range of  movement are affected. Regenerative medicine targets joints and tendons on a cellular level to repair, restore and renew the supporting cells and tissues that allow these joints and tendons to work properly.

Knees, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, shoulders and ankles are widely affected by the years of athletic performance, environmental factors and daily use of our joints and tendons.

Our bodies break down starts on a cellular level, that is why the treatment course should start on a cellular level. Instead of treating the symptoms we treat the root of the cause which is the breakdown of the supporting tissues that are needed for full range of movement and a pain-free lifestyle.

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(Patient: Male, 20 year career professional Soccer athlete & National Trainer. Injury: ACL tear. Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy Injections.)

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