Dr. Jeff Baker D.O.
What our patients say


I am also impressed with everyone in Dr. Baker’s office. They are punctual and do not leave me waiting for my appointments. They are friendly and happy and make the experience a pleasure. If your are in pain I strongly recommend that you make an appointment today!

Rhianon P., Miami Beach

I’ve have pain in my two knees for 3 years now. Arthritis has prevented me from living a full life. I am so grateful I found Dr. Baker… It’s my 3rd treatment and i’m feeling a huge difference. I really recommend him if you’re struggling with arthritis.

Marlene P.., Miami

I only wish I had come to Dr. Baker a year and a half ago. I have suffered 24/7 pain, could not walk, let alone run. My weight workouts were both physically and mentally challenging because of my pain.

Patient, Miami

Amazing! When I came to see Dr. Baker I was suffering with arthritis, a labral tear in my left hip and also a sprain in my right wrist… I had heard about PRP, but I had my doubts. After I sat down with Dr. Baker and he explained the process and how everything works, I decided to do it. I’ve tried everything before my treatments with Dr. Baker. My only regret is that I didn’t do PRP sooner. I have also been coming into his office for B12 shots.

Joey Goldman, Miami Beach

I was referred to Dr. Baker after months of acupuncture and trigger point therapy. Dr. Baker spent an hour with me explaining how PRP worked and what he thought my chances of success would be. Three days after the second round of PRP shots I woke up pain free. I am now walking and have slowly begun to run. My weight workouts are pain free and I am rebuilding my strength. I am happy once again. I am now also doing PRP injections in my hands for arthritis. My pain has decreased significantly.

Patient., Miami

Dr. Baker has always provided the absolute best care, best advice and treatment during every visit. His medical knowledge is encyclopedic, treats the whole person, listens and most importantly takes the time to be extremely caring while maintaining an extremely efficient office. Dr Jeff Baker is someone you should Defintely consider visiting.

David P., Miami

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